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Course Offerings

Physical Science

Tuesdays, August 15– May 14

Our classes are designed so that you can place your students based on ability and interest, not age.


Jr. Lab Rats

Upper Elementary-Middle School Level


Class Schedule/Hours:  Tuesdays, August 15– May 14, 10:00-10:45 AM

The Rat Pack Lab

Combined Levels

Class Schedule/Hours:  Tuesdays,August 15– May 14,, 10:45 AM – Noon

Lab Hours Qualifying for High School Credit:  70

Lab Rats

Middle School- High School Level

Class Schedule/Hours:  Tuesdays, August 15– May 14,August 16– May 16, Noon-1:30 PM,

Class Hours Qualifying for High School for Credit:  130              

Course Description (For Lab Rats Level)

The Physical Science curriculum is designed to continue student investigations of the physical sciences that began in grades K-8 and provide students the necessary skills to have a richer knowledge base in physical science.  This course is designed to provide a review of the concepts learned in Earth Science and offer an introduction to concepts for Chemistry.  This curriculum covers concepts in Earth and Space Science, Chemistry, Motion, Forces and Motion, Forces in Fluids, Work, Power, and Machines, Energy, Thermal Energy and Heat, Mechanical Waves and Sound, The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light, Optics, Electricity, and Magnetism includes the more abstract concepts such as the conceptualization of the structure of atoms, motion and forces, and the conservation of energy and matter, the action/reaction principle, and wave behavior.  Students further explore these physical science concepts through experience in weekly laboratory investigations and field work using the processes of inquiry and scientific method.


Applicable High School Credit Hours For Lab Rats Level Class and Lab:  1

**Lab Rats- Click to learn about joining our Spanish II Class with Jackie Martin from 9:30-10:30**


Cyber Rats
We offer an online options for both our Junior Lab Rats and Lab Rats classes.






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Physical Science




















































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