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Why join Lab Rats Cooperative Learning, LLC?

  • Meet only once a week, and complete work outside of class at your own pace!

  • Accessible instructor: email, text, call, class group chat!

  • MS/HS Level Lab Rats class meets standards for a HS credit!

  • Online gradebook with parent and student portal.

  • Experienced teacher and homeschooling mom with a BA in Biology!


But mostly, because. . . 


Here at Lab Rats Cooperative Learning, LLC, we believe that knowledge is power, and that those who are driven by curiosity, savvy at self-educating, well-practiced at critical thinking, and skilled at manipulating learned material are best poised to compete in the arena of ideas, and chart a course for a lifetime of success and happiness.

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I didn't love itJust sorta so-so.I leared some stuff.Trust me. You'll enjoy it!I'm a Lab Rat for life!!!

Lab Rats Cooperative Learning

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